Ring No. 72-16 with studs
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Ring with 8 studs in 18k gold plated brass, polished finish. Its comfort is ensured by the design allowing fingers to fit between the studs.

Obsessive Collectors Fashion Jewelry explores maximalist and bold forms, abandoning the importance of the precious material to enhance its characteristics and performance.

Our metals vary depending on the specificities of the piece, we are currently using brass and steel, but we are always exploring new materials for our projects. All pieces have an external coat treatment to ensure its color and durability. Brass pieces are gold plated in 18k yellow gold (3 micres) and steel pieces have a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) gold coating, a treatment that ensures the highest durability.

We design and develop all our Fashion Jewelry inhouse, for the production we rely on suppliers, from skilled artisans to highly technical facilities all located in Europe. We give a lot of importance to the interpersonal relationships and believe that being close to our collaborators is essential for the correct development of their work and our project.


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2021, OC Editions