We are a multidisciplinary Studio based in Barcelona, focused on fine jewelry and influenced by art, architecture, design and all the contemporary creative practices; open to collaborate with other authors and explore brand synergies.

Our work focuses on day-to-day pieces, where shapes and uses are explored as part of our obsessive quest for simplicity. An exercise to rethink and contemporaneize classical forms.

We offer a composable set of jewelry finely crafted, to stimulate the inner creativity and create an infinite range of possibilities to play with.

All our pieces can be made of yellow, pink or white 18k solid gold. We work with F-G, VS diamonds

We work with 18k gold and natural gemstones. Our aim is to be as sustainable as possible, working with recycled metal whenever possible and when this is not an option, we use exclusively fair mined gold. We work with reputable gemstone dealers, prioritizing the purchase upon a single verified supplier to ensure good practices regarding the extraction and to go one step forward of the Kimberley Process. Our mid term-goal is to source all our gemstones from ethical and sustainable suppliers.

We design and produce all our pieces in-house. For some specific techniques we rely on skilled artisans all located in Barcelona and its surroundings. We give a lot of importance to the interpersonal relationships and believe that being close to our collaborators is essential for the well development of their work and our project.

Our melee diamonds (weighting less than 0.20ct) are of F-G color and VS clarity. Diamonds over this weight are individually selected and sold with certificate.

We work on demand and every piece of jewelry is made to order. We offer customization until a certain point, always under own view. Some examples include engraving, choosing the metal color (yellow, pink or white), modifying the enamel color or alterate the size of a chain.

O.C. Archive:
Since 2012 we curate the OC Archive, an interdisciplinary digital Archive focusing on design, photography, architecture, fashion or any movement related to culture and art. Created with an academic intention, our objective is to preserve, grow and divulge the Archive in the most accurate way and continue searching for emerging and consolidated creators.



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