Obsessive Collectors



Plant plinths




Jorge Penadés

Photography: Pablo Sevilla

Project assistant: Pablo Sevilla, Esther Bapsalle

““To paraphrase is to include the ideas or information from an original source in your paper by rephrasing those ideas or information in your own words. The key to successful paraphrasing is to use as few words as possible from the original text – be mindful not to change the meaning that you are trying to convey as you rephrase – and to cite your paraphrase. Without proper citation, your paraphrase could be construed as plagiarism.” (www.plagiarism.org)

Being more interested in ideas than in tangible objects, this project explores the relationship between literature and design; could a written procedure be adopted as a design process? Intended to open and expand the traditional aesthetic-driven design culture, this proposal seeks to render a creative emancipation from our precarious criteria limited just to adoration or desecration.

In this case, we have decided to paraphrase the ́Poly furniture ́ project from British designer Max Lamb; started in 2006, this initiative began by working with expanded polystyrene as a quick and intuitive way to build certain objects. The difference with the original idea lies in where the raw material is sourced from: rather than using virgin material we use discarded packaging elements derived from our everyday technological commodities: televisions, computers, screens, washing machines, microwaves, fridges, dishwashers and so on.

The first outcome of this project is a collection of plant plinths that draw upon a certain Counter-Maniera attitude; the fact that the reclaimed expanded polystyrene has already a genuine aspect partially dictates the final shape of the object, unveiling some sort of anarchic beauty.

Paraphrase was presented for the first time in May at W.I.P, a group show curated by Diego Ramos at Galería Dada.

*Note: Far from eroding the original idea, the only aim of this proposal is to foster the miscegenation of different creative disciplines. We do think Max is a great designer and we very much respect his work.”
(Text: jorgepenades.com)

Tags: #blue, #elchiringuito, #plants, #reuse, #white
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Published on 19/09/2018