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Ic[r]onic Lego


Ic[r]onic Lego


Amen studio


Modular tiles in stone and marble.

“Ic(r)onic is a family of objects in marble and stone in partnership with Casone destined to a daily domestic environment.

The material selection was the first inspiration for the design itself: the study of textures and colors, in contrast to the importance with which these materials are happen to be a utilized, have created this collection full of strong visual references, that has the only aim of do not take itself too seriously.

Irony and iconography, are the focal elements of this collection: thus this objects are shaped with references to a finley defined formlism, in which an ice lolly won’t melt, a pill won’t be eaten and a pencil won’t write, and that creates a visual-conceptual oxymoron. Marble and stone become cousins of plastic and ceramic, moving at first glance, the unique features of these materials.

The shape recalls the module of lego bricks and is designed to compose pixel images.” (Text: amen-studio.com)

Tags: #marble, #object, #stone
Published on 27/05/2015