Visitor welcome center in Galilea
Aulets Arquitectes

Galilea is a small village in the middle of the Sierra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The program has to solve two points: a visitor parking and provide the community with a new public space.

Since the Neolithic Mediterranean, stone walls have been built that terrify the mountain, marges and terraces, with dry joint, which allow to contain the lands for cultivate.

The proposal recovers the terraced structure, recovering the agricultural character and emphasizing preserving what exists.

the construction of gravity retaining walls, using the pedra en sec technique, has proven to be more economical and has allowed us to continue recovering the trade. Once we have the walls, instead of placing soil for crops, we place compacted soil for the circulation of vehicles, the parking area and rest areas for neighbors and visitors.

We have worked with materials from the place and the ecosystem that surrounds it. So the construction maintains the logic of the environment, and any modification or future need can undo and redo the walls, as we have done in this work. They are reversible techniques, there are no waste only resources.

We understand that this parking lot is temporary since in the future we do not know how the use of the car will change, so that this space can be used as a park simply by increasing the forest mass of the public space.

Aulets Arquitectes

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2021, Obsessive Collectors