Studio vit

Studio vit design objects for everyday use, for simple functions such as to give light, to deliver sustenance. They want their products to elevate these small everyday rituals, to be useful, satisfying and to be generous. But more than that, they explore less explicit functions: studio vit designs are also intended to create stillness and make space, around which the bustle of everyday life can exist. Studio vit describe their products as ‘making room for life’, atoning for a loud world.

Archetypal shapes are the primary building blocks from which studio vit construct unexpected arrangements of scale and volume. These relationships between forms exist within single objects as well as between series of objects. The attention to volume and scale is carried through to the relationship between the objects and the spaces they inhabit. This layering of form, volume and scale means studio vit frequently find themselves designing collections. Designs are made to purposefully provoke gentle reaction, by challenging expectations of scale and use or by creating subtle tensions between forms and materials.

Helena and Veronica of studio vit are Swedish and whilst their work is not typical, there are discernible qualities to their designs and their practice that speak of a Scandinavian inheritance; reduction of form, a visual lightness and simplicity. The culture of Japanese making has long inspired studio vit. In these traditions studio vit see a contemplative and reflective manner of working that mirrors their own practice. Studio vit value the unapologetic attribution of poetry to everyday objects that is a part of Japanese culture, something that their catalogue of designs expresses also.

Studio vit’s method of working is comprehensive. Products are followed through from conception to completion, whether it involves the processes of industrial production or the hands-on engagement of limited editions. Establishing close relationships with craftspeople is a cornerstone of the practice, enabling studio vit to work confidently in a wide range of materials; wood, stone, glass, metal, concrete and ceramic.

Helena and Veronica’s collaboration has resulted in a wide range of work. From mass production; their designs can be found in the product range of producers such as &tradition and Petite Friture, to numbered editions; the studio is represented by the design and art gallery Etage Projects in Copenhagen and MDR Gallery in London. Studio vit also work on commissioned projects, having recently designed a series of lighting for Ace Hotel London, and the studio is currently introducing a series of self-produced tableware.

Helena Jonasson and Veronica Dagnert came together to establish studio vit in 2010. The practice is based in London with a second studio in Sweden.

Studio vit


2021, Obsessive Collectors