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Jeremy Everett, Gaia Repossi

POP Magazine - Repossi

Jeremy Everett, Gaia Repossi

Over the course of their six year relationship, artist Jeremy Everett has been photographing his shared world with jeweler Gaia Repossi, the first female designer to run the Repossi family's century-old jewelry house. From lose yourself landscapes to intimate, behind-the-scenes studio shots, Jeremy has documented the everyday reality of Gaia's dreamy world of jewels and everything they encounter as a couple. "I enjoy the juxtaposition of the luxury object and life, the experimentation of two young people in the world, the rawness of reference objects, and the desire of the result," Jeremy explains of his inspiration behind the images. "I am always taking photos and as we travel together, I would photograph Gaia and her references." A selection of these snapshots have now been been collated and published by IDEA as Alternating Rose and Gold.

Beautiful, candid, and intimate, Alternating Rose and Gold is so much more than an exquisite reference book for a century-old jewelry house, it's a love letter to Gaia, an exploration of creative inspiration, and an intimate study of the artist and muse relationship. Sharing a peek inside, Gaia and Jeremy i
nvite you on an intimate tour of their world.
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