Nina Berger

Stockholm-based designer Ninna Berger’s Restructional Clothing line upcycles and recrafts pre-used textiles and fabrics, breathing new life into discarded garments as a reaction against today’s fast-fashion culture. She coined the term ‘restruction’ while working on her master’s degree in 2007, and uses the word to define her label.

All of Berger’s work is handcrafted and made exclusively from 100% reused material and second-hand garments. She also works closely with a group of women from the Botkyrka Women Resource Center in Stockholm in order to help channel creative energy and encourage and contribute to the growing economy of the Stockholm suburb.

Combining a Fine Arts degree with weaving techniques and pattern construction, Berger describes her pieces as “clothing, not fashion – there is a difference”. She is primarily interested in the structures and boundaries of textiles and fabrics, and reappropriating synthetic materials for a sustainable, yet imaginative result. Her palette is currently entirely black – partly reflecting her focus on construction and material over aesthetics.
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Restructional Clothing

Nina Berger

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2021, Obsessive Collectors