M'hi ficaria COAC
Aulets Arquitectes

Exhibition "M'hi ficaria...", COAC Barcelona

The exhibition aims to show a way of doing. Thus we decided to do a project, rather than show projects. We undestand the exhibition as a way of inahiting a place for fifteen days. Do cabins, places to hide is common amog children. Despite the most fun is to make a hut on a tree. The cabain is an excuse to climb a tree and move around the branches, as a lookout tower looking but is not seen, with a lot of and unknown paths that lead one to open new routes to spot new places... Simply place a couple of pallets on the main branches, to make a platform, once the pallets are fixed, the most fun is climbing the branches, the last platform serves you to rest. The cabain it's also a hiding, it let's you hide from passers by passing around. Shelter and look away are part of the intentionsof living in a place, use it.

We find a closed, hard, difficult living room. The room poses conditions: the entrance to the auditorium, the texture of the bas of Picasso (these black stones that appear between the voids of concrete), the cusiosity of the one that comes inside and listen to a conference and goes to the curtain to listen what's the talk about.. or the viewer that sits behind the stairs to see who passes or goes into the room, without being seen...

This are the little thinks to where the project will be opened. A bar, a small table to place a fridge the day of the inauguration, are notes on how to use the room. The material used is the termoarcilla. From the full range of pieces are chosen these ones: the piece 29cm (29x30x19cm), because of its dimension that allows us to built stable walls of medium height and he corner piece, 29cm (29x19x15cm) because is a piece that lets solve many games.

Aulets Arquitectes

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