Lina Scheynius
Barcelona, 1984

Sex, childbirth, and wrinkles are exposed to their full potential appearing as graceful as a bouquet of lilies or the morning sky. All these elements make up a universe that created a devoted fan base, one that has been following Scheynius’ work for over 15 years now. Hanging her prints on their walls, having one of her photographs as their phone’s lock screen, or placing her books on their shelves, Lina Scheynius’ aesthetic has been a quiet influence for many image-makers of our generation. The sophisticated atmosphere of her work led her to several fashion commissions. Magazine editorials from Vogue to Dazed and fashion campaigns for brands like Jil Sander comprise some of the most reshared fashion visuals of the last decades. Nevertheless, Scheynius never gave in to the pressure of contributing to a world that she did not fully agree with.

Lina Scheynius

(Selected Projects)


2021, Obsessive Collectors