Instal·lacions per a Tir amb Arc a Barcelona

Enric Miralles, Carme Pinós

Instal·lacions per a Tir amb Arc a Barcelona

Enric Miralles, Carme Pinós

The archery facilities are, in fact, the training facilities of this sport built for the 1992 Olympic Games. The competition facilities were on the other side of Granja Vella Street, originally built by the same architects but currently gone.

The surviving building is one of the clearest tributes to Park Güell ever built. Like the park, it is configured from the retaining walls that support and limit the upper pedestrian walkway. These retaining walls bend and work organically based on the athletes’ movements as they train. The building consists of covering one of this wall’s folds with a folded roof, an extension of the upper landscape.

Mechanical ceramics, together with concrete and cement, form the unique material of the whole intervention. The structures look unstable, crooked, or twisted, depending on the pushing force of the lands they contain. A system of porches covers much of the retaining wall that forms the building, extends it externally, blurs its limits and protects the dry stone that forms them. The roofs have an approximate modulus of the wall’s height and are made up of a series of concrete slabs that slide together with a series of lower gutters that collect and conduct water towards some practiced puddles in the pavement.

The interior of the building is paved with curved and exposed ceramic walls that form the dressing rooms and leave the common areas against the back wall. It forms a “landscape that looks at itself”, said Enric Miralles, which is illuminated zenithally through the cracks in the roof and leaving spaces of great beauty, although a little degraded today.

The vegetation has been growing from the time when the construction was built until the present day, and it confuses the buildings with a renaturalised environment that introduces additional complexity to the complex.

Carme Pinós

Enric Miralles

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