Ca na Mari renovation
Aulets Arquitectes

The object of the intervention is the change of use and renovation of an apartment on the second floor of a 60’s building, to turn it into the regular home of the client.

The renovation has the objective of providing the client with a bright living space that’s comfortable through the improvement of its energetic efficiency, and arrange a space for her to put her things. Following, the three interventions are described:

1.- Make a bright living space. The previous space was an office which was fully compartmentalized. The first thing to do was to demolish the interior distribution and preserve the existing constructive elements, such as the ceiling, the structure, the pavements and the windows. The opening of the back terrace is also enlarged, in order to increase the brightness of the apartment. Once we have a diaphanous space, the different rooms and areas are distributed, putting the rooms in the corners favoring diagonal lighting in the common areas.

2.- The comfort is improved by insulating the outer walls in the interior, and using a brick wall to protect the insulation and also increase the acoustic insulation. The wooden windows and the steel gallery are reused improving the thermic insulation and adapting them to double glass.

3.- A WALL-SHELF is conceived to make the separation between the common and closed spaces, and depending on where it is located it can be a shelf or a wardrobe. The wardrobe allows you to store and sort the things you want to protect, and on the other side the shelves allow you to place the daily-use things, such as books, CDs, boxes of stuff… As in Mallorca’s old Possessions, where the useful stuff and the signs of occupation blend and coat the stone walls. Those things are the ones that usually accompany us in our house and make us recognize that place as our home.

In terms of materiality, the existing elements such as the pavement, the windows and the concrete structure of the building have been reused. The new ones that have been introduced in the project are materials from the biosphere, as is the ceramics, the wood and the lime. The walls of the bathroom are made with remains of prototypes and other pieces of hydraulic tiles from the Mallorca company Huguet.

Aulets Arquitectes

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2021, Obsessive Collectors