Arno Brandlhuber

In Berlin, the name Brandlhuber stands above all for house number nine – the house in Brunnenstrasse in the Mitte district where you can plug your headphones into the façade. Where the narrow, concrete stairs in the courtyard wind their way up four floors and where the unfinished and the mutable form the heart of a modern and sustainable architecture. Arno Brandlhuber’s work stretches far beyond the borders of Berlin Mitte’s creative habitat. As an architect, he is concerned with the reality of our urban present and is committed to preserving what the city was once known for – its heterogeneity, the oft-cited ‘Berlin mix’.

“The city is the best context in which to draw together diverse groups and perhaps the best cultural achievement that we can boast of. There is no Tabula Rasa and no White Cube. It is always to be found in different conditions and that is of great interest to me.” This concept is embodied in his own four walls ‘We were playing with those conditions, and were trying to bring in as many rules from the outside as possible.’ It is thus from the neighboring buildings that the ground plan of the loft emerges, highlighting the fact that good architecture can always be two things: good-looking and sustainably designed.

Arno Brandlhuber


2021, Obsessive Collectors