Arimunani school
Aulets Arquitectes

The objective of the Project is to build a space to perform the teaching job in Arimunani School. In order to do the project, the existing Mediterranean monasteries in Mallorca were studied and taken as a reference. The main trait of these monasteries is how they protect themselves from the weather, and create an oasis in their inner patios.The project is the result of designing the outside and inside spaces symbiotically, so the teaching activity can take place anywhere in the site. The project is initiated by analyzing the climatic conditions of the site, and then designing the necessary actions so that a hot and dry place can, in a few years, become a climate refuge.

The proposal presents vegetal and architectural actions to balance the extreme climatic conditions. The building is designed to protect itself from the summer radiation through the shade of the trees and the cantilevers, to ease the cross ventilation and the radiation in winter. Moreover, the inner patio creates a climatic oasis.The building is constructed mainly with materials from the biosphere, which allows to reduce the added energy by 65% of CO2 emissions.

The structure and the windows are built with timber from the Basque Country, the pavement is linoleum and the outer panels are made of wood shavings and cement.The presented project consists in the Phase 1 of the new building, which coexists with rented prefab modules

Aulets Arquitectes

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2021, Obsessive Collectors