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You are my favorite

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You are my favorite

Franziska Ebert


All participating photographers:

Alexandra Ilushina, Moscow, RU
Alice Axinder, Linköping, SE
Allegra Villella, Portland/OR, US
Allison Wells, Apopka/FL, US
Anna Ådén, Umeå, SE
Anna Arroyo, Barclona, ES
Anna-Liisa Liiver, Talinn, EE
Anna V. Shelton, Portland/OR, US
Annette Pehrsson, Halmstadt, SE
Berta Pfirsich, Barcelona, ES
Charlotte Boeyden, Antwerpen, BE
Elizabeth Gadd, Vancouver, CA
Elo Vazquez, Sevilla, ES
Emilie Björk, Göteborg, SE
Franziska Ebert, Hamburg, DE
Hannah Davis, London, UK
Jagoda Boruch, Walcz, PL
Jelena Martinovic, Belgrad, RS
Jessica Williams, Brooklyn/NY, US
Julia Aumann, Maastricht, NL
Katherine Squier, Austin/TX, US
Kristina Kröger, Hamburg, DE
Laura Makabresku, Cracow, PL
Laura Taylor Los Angeles/CA, US
Lauren Maccabee, Manchester, UK
Lisa Lindøe, Oslo, NO
Magdalena Lutek, Cracow, PL
Margaret Durow, Madison/WI, US
Mariam Sitchinava, Tbilsi/GE, US
Marie Hochhaus, Hamburg, DE
Melanie Rodriguez, Paris, FR
Michela Heim, Oslo, NO
Miranda Lehman, Portland/OR, US
Sara Perovic, Pula, HR
Sarah Bernhard, Hamburg, DE
Snjezana Josipovic, Zagreb, HR
Tanya Prilukova, St. Petersburg, RU
Valeria Lazareva, Odessa, UA
Yelda Yilmaz, Hamburg, DE

“The project You Are My Favorite is about transferring photographs of great internet artists from their virtual reality onto real walls, printed on real paper.

It started with an exhibition in 2011 with my favorite pictures of 30 female photographers from all around the world acquainted via flickr.
I wanted to show them in a new context and a very special place in order to protect them from getting lost (perishing) on the internet.

To allow a deeper, more pensive reflection, I decided to make a book out of the project.
The selection of photographs mixed with analogue processes like cyanotype, letterpress setting and special paper qualities influence the viewer to percieve the same pictures from the fast, overfilled internet in a more conscious, slowed down way.

A second exhibition with 11 participating photographers took place at February 2012.

Thanks to LOKAL, which hosted both exhibitions and gave live to this project!”
(Text: youaremyfavorite.net)

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Published on 10/02/2016