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Daisuke Yokokta

Design by Goshi Uhira

Publisher: Newfave

Photography: josefchladek.com

„The most recent artist book “Vertigo” which is same title with great suspense film of Alfred Hichcock could be said it is a series that perceptively expresses Yokota’s aspect, and it is kind of evolutional consequence of “Back Yard”. We could see there is a connection point to other visual arts such as painting and film from his approach which hadn’t been seen in his work before such as closeup photo of nude or bird’s eye view shot, and also his editing which makes viewers conscious of sequence.“ (from the publisher)

“The title of the book is “Vertigo”, and it consists of, in a sequence, the physical state and time sensation of being in a vertigo. With the work, I wondered if I could give the viewer a foreign impression of the situation of being off balance from the images that are intermittently organized in the book.

The loss of time sensation is of the same importance as the physical sense. For example, I often lose track of the time or date because I’m not living in stable temporal axis. My day and night is reversed or the time difference between countries where I often visit for my projects recently. In addition, I often remember incidents in a dream or my past experience as if it happened yesterday. We share the same amount of time, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, but each of us should have an independent temporal awareness. And then, each temporal awareness is intertwined in a complex way and the world goes around. I’m interested in the world where our individual time sensation is reflected.” (Text: papera.net)

Hardcover, editing by Daisuke Yokota and Kohei Oyama.
Limited Edition of 500.

Printing & binding : Sun M Color LTD

Pages: 96
Place: Tokyo
Year: 2014
Size: 21 x 29 cm (approx.)

Tags: #body, #book, #nude
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Published on 16/07/2016