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To the mountains


To the mountains


Dany Peschl

“Here are several pieces from my side project called after the song of norwegian blackmetal band Satyricon – ‘to the mountains’.

Pictures have been shot during spring and summer 2011 at different higher places in the whole of Europe. I met a few odd beings and I was not in only one strange situation there. But on the other hand, that is me. Every picture has its own story but I have decided to leave it untold. I’d love to thank to Lil Kudley for assistance.

I Lost Touch With me
I was And Still Am Fire
Ignite! To the Mountains

Live Breath Sense Move
I know It pains me too
Ignite! To the Mountains

Lies, deceit
Fright, escape
Caught, burdened
Gone, trapped
Get up, on your feet
Give me, your very self
It’s time to Rise!

Persist Progress
Chin up
And Ignite!
To the Mountains

Cast the light – deadly trail
I see it now
Sky is lit – opens up
I want my share
Lift me up – carry me
I need you now
Heal the wounds – bloody deep
I have to stop
Ignite! To the Mountains

(lyrics by Satyricon “to the mountains”
from the album “Now, Diabolical”)”
(Text: danypeschl.com)

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Published on 08/03/2013