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The Chair

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Mariela: You have mentioned that your work is a “reaction to perfection”, do you think we live with an obsession for perfection?
    Piet: Perfection is a result of the industrial revolution and the machine which were developed at that time. This development made it possible to make big quantities of identical and perfect products. Of course this became the goal for everybody. It became a esthetical trend. And like with all trends at a certain moment it leads to an opposite movement.

M: Your design stems from using much “reused” or “found” materials, how does this affect your design in the matter of form?
    P: Whether or not it’s old material or fount doesn’t matter I always try to take maximum advantage of the possibilities.

M: Do you contemplate “error” and “casual” as part of your designs? Does your creation and production system leave space for “error”?
    P: Most designs are not successful and most designs are an outcome of a process of errors. But when you’re more professional it becomes more easy to control the process and find solutions for problems and also get inspired for new designs.

M: Counter posing “handmade” production to the type of production made in your Factory, how does the idea of the handmade relate to the industrial production of your pieces?
    P: In fact we make everything by hand this is the basic thought or every design because we’re never selling big quantities we always produce in small quantities and often one by one.

M: What are your memories of when you first began? Why did you decide to separate yourself from the minimalist tendencies which ruled at the time when you started designing?
    P: I think the minimalist at that moment was a stylistic movement. The products looked very simple and without detail but in the meanwhile they were often very difficult to make and under the skin they made big efforts to make the product look simple. In fact what we did was much more minimalistic making products with minimal means.

M: Based on the exhibition Zitten where, through the design of your chairs, one can see the evolution of your design; how do you see your own evolution?
    P: I answer this question previously. Making iconic designs became more and more a topic and for the rest the development is very much lead by the possibilities the company and commissioners give me.

M: What do you see for your future?
    P: Hopefully it’ll be as nice as the past was. Everyday being able to create new products and ideas in an environment which is positive and rewarding.

Interview to Piet Hein Eek by Mariela González,
Director of Roomservice Design Gallery

The Chair

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Interview to Piet Hein Eek
by Mariela González

Piet Hein Eek

RoomService Design

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Published on 16/10/2013