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Prix de Rome

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Bart Guldemond

“Together with spatial designer & architect Bart Guldemond we designed this year’s Prix de Rome exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

The Prix de Rome was created as a scholarship for arts students, initially for painter and sculptors, in 1663 in France during the reing of Louis XIV. It was an annual bursary for promising artists having proved their talents by completing a very difficult elimination contest. From 1666, the award winner could win a stay of three to five years at the Palazzo Mancini in Rome at the expense of the King of France.

For short while the Prix de Rome was also awarded to young artists during the Kingdom of Holland under Lodewijk Napoleon. During the years 1807 – 1810 prize winners were sent to Paris and onwards to Rome for study. In 1817 King Willem I restarted the prize.

For the exhibition we also designed a serie of posters and a handout, featuring our display type Capitalis Brutalis.

Exhibition views by Charlott Markus.”
(Text: ourpolitesociety.net)

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Published on 19/01/2015