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Paul Loebach Identity

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Paul Loebach Graphic Identity


Studio Lin

“Paul Loebach Stationery, a set of printed materials for industrial designer Paul Loebach. All the papers used were found directly at the foil stamping facilities. Typically used for backing up boxes or as dividers, we specified chipboard, black art board and white art board to foil stamp white.

Font: Modified AG Schoolbook Medium”

Paul Loebach Catalog, a four page catalog featuring new work in addition to an overview of all projects to scale. For the new projects, we gave a sense of the rich process by showing key inspirational sources.

Printing: Linco
Typefaces: Custom “Loebach”
(Text: studiolin.org)

Tags: #paper, #poster, #print, #typography
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Published on 04/02/2014