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New next in

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Noela Covelo

Photography: Laura Fernández Antolín

Graphic design: Manu Rodríguez

“New next in is a reflection on trends as the founding point of today’s fashion industry landscape. The garments of the collection emerges from the contemporary critical context we’re living, where there’s a inflection between fashion and clothing. It serves as a critique about the creative practice of how trends have become the main pursuit of the creative world, nourishing production and encouraging consumerist culture as a whole. Working from the own mechanisms of trends, what means that understanding a trend as created organically by a collectivity, is appropriated from its origins, processed and recreated into fashion.

From this statement I tried to take the pictures in the same coherence, perverting trend topics into an aesthetic that makes the garments breathe into their own sphere”. (Text: Noela Covelo)

Art direction and photography: Laura Fernández Antolín
Models: Elena Lasala and Roxylan
Assistance: Julieta Caprara
Make-up artist: Andrea Chica
Also special thanks to De Ubieta and Laia Claramunt taller floral

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Published on 03/12/2016