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Juregen Teller Studio


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Juergen Teller

Juergen Teller Studio

“Across a long and narrow plot in West London, 6a architects has designed a series of three buildings and gardens for photographer Juergen Teller.
With few views out, daylight comes through concrete beams that march the length of the site and support north lights in the roof or from the gardens that separate the buildings. Poured concrete external walls mesh the new building into the residual frag­ments of existing brick boundaries. The new buildings contain offices, an archive, a top lit studio space, a kitchen, a library, and an ensemble of ancillary rooms.

The three gardens, designed by Dan Pearson Studio introduce a sequence of external rooms rooms in between the interiors leading from the street towards increasingly private interiors of the artist’s studio. The gardens are inspired by the urban gardens that spring naturally in ruinous or untouched corners of the city – especially those captured by RS Fitter’s classic book; London’s Natural History.

Juergen Teller has documented the building process in a series of fashion shoots on site. He continues to take photographs thoughout the buildings and gardens, most recently published in
Arena Homme +”
(Text: 6a.co.uk)

Architects: 6a architects
Landscape design: Dan Pearson Studio
Structural Engineers: Price & Myers
Environmental Engineers: Max Fordham
QS: Gleeds
Main Contractor: Harris Calnan

Tags: #apartment, #building, #concrete, #contemporary, #gardening, #inside, #light
Published on 26/11/2016