Obsessive Collectors


The camera isn’t here

Who are the people in your pictures?
          Friends, loves, family, models, me. Anyone who can pretend that the camera isn’t there.

Why is it that you often place yourself in your pictures?
          First of all because I’m always around. And I keep my work very close to me. It’s always been myself I am trying to push rather than someone else.

What is your Favourite subject?
          My absolute favourite subject is my own life and the people in it. I shoot it and show it like a diary.

This is an excerpt from the FAQ section of Lina Scheynius’ website. In these three Q&A, the Swiss photographer aims to explain how she relates to her surroundings, how she captures her world of friends, loves, family and herself.

Her “modus operandi” is somehow shared by other young and emerging photographers like her catalan friends Rafa Castells and Alba Yruela, the Paris-Based Sylvain-Emmanuel.P and Rebekah Campbell, from the USA.

As six degrees of separation seem to rule our world, both Sylvain and Campbell have worked with Ana Kraš, the multi-talented, Serbian born, NYC based designer, illustrator and, oh yes, photographer. All of them meet up here, feel free to enjoy their daily snapshots of reality…