Obsessive Collectors


“El Chiringuito”

“ARQUITECTURA-G is an architecture studio based in Barcelona, mainly dedicated to edification and teaching. Their activity is conceived as team work, where individualities are dissolved in a sum of methodologies”.

Jonathan Arnabat, Jordi Ayala-Bril, Igor Urdampilleta and Aitor Fuentes are four architects with a broad view of their profession, one that doesn’t self-imposes limits and believes that in experimentation, creativity exchange and challenge assumption lays true fulfillment.

This vision is shared by industrial designer Marc Morro and photographers Adrià Cañameras and Coke Bartina, friends –and Barcelona neighbors– with whom ARQUITECTURA-G have shared projects, experiments and relaxed social gatherings. One of them was “El Chiringuito”, a space ARQUITECTURA-G created as a summer meeting point for the design gallery OtrasCosas de Villar-Rosàs, once curated by Marc Morro.

Here we will be archiving a selection of projects by these ehthusiastic creators… Relaxed chats with them included.