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Solo Exhibition, 2014

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Solo Exhibition, 2014


Christopher Gray

Berger Gray Gallery

“Christopher Gray is an artist working predominately with painting and sculpture.

Gray’s works often starts with a sketch capturing experiences from his own life, not attempting to depict but recollect the quality of a moment. The sketch then translates into paintings through an instinctual process which Gray speaks of as letting “the natural imperfections of being human” influence his work. Gray interprets memories and thoughts which become abstracted through a process of “natural forgetfulness” letting aspects which may seem unimportant become the focus of the piece.

“Through these various ‘methods’ I interpret the relation between me and my surrounds – which in turn allows me to identify myself in my work.” This is Gray’s first solo show in London after a much celebrated solo show in Berlin, 2012. The exhibition is conceived as a juxtaposition of form and material as Gray works with in situ large scale paintings, photography, sound and hand finished bronze cast sculpture.

The physical space within which we view the work also holds great importance to Gray as ‘berger tray’ is a new independent gallery, initiated and run by Christopher Gray himself and artist Sanna Helena Berger. The artists as curators view the space as an opportunity to not only materialise and show their own work but to exhibit and develop the work of other artists.”
(text: bergergray.org)

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Published on 04/12/2014