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Camper Pop Up

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Camper Pop Up

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Diego Ramos

Sander Wassink

Photography: Tomás Soucek

“The Camper’s workshop Son Fortesa is a project of co-operation between new generations of young designers and Camper, a gathering of the most talented young people, discovered during a whole year’s search. Each year, participants are asked to submit a conceptual design project based on one or more themes.

This year’s workshop explored the theme of “FUTURO imPERFECTO”.

We were in charge to develope an installation to exhibit the results of the young designers.

“We like the shiny, mirror-like texture of metallic emergency blankets, so we bought some and experimented with them. They evolved into giant, soft inflatable forms which we though echoed the idea of `Futuro imPerfecto´.

They contradicted but reflected the environment.

We juxtaposed the lightness of these structures with the weight of concrete construction elements. This combination played with the architecture of the space and created a dynamic environment. The result was visually striking. it suggested future and space.””
(Text: diegoramos.es)