Obsessive Collectors

Amb Pamuk & Istanbul

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Gemma Villegas

Amb Pamuk & Istanbul

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Designed at Porcuatro by:

Marcel Juan

Antoni Pallejà (A.P.O.)

Jofre Sanfeliu

Gemma Villegas

“A broad, captivating portrait of Istanbul, the city where Orhan Pamuk, the winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize for Literature, was born, is being presented at the Cotxeres Exhibition Hall of the Palau Robert, Barcelona, in an exhibition entitled “Around Istanbul with Pamuk”. The exhibition is inspired by the Turkish author’s writings about a city that his fired his imagination more than any other.”
(Text: apo.pw)

“The exhibition presents an intimate and melancholic tour where to discover union/comparison between East and West,luxury and decadence, tradition and modernity, history and present, reality and imaginary, apearance and no-visible reality.”
(Text: gemmavillegas.com)